The Adelaide Health Foundation


The Adelaide Health Foundation is a voluntary independent charitable organisation which seeks to advance healthcare that is centred  upon the dignity of every human being and that provides equal access to quality healthcare based upon clinical need.

The Foundation nominates students to be admitted to the Adelaide School of Nursing to undertake their BSc Nursing (General) in Trinity College, Dublin and administers a Bursary Scheme for eligible students.


Our vision is to be an independent not-for-profit health foundation that seeks to advance healthcare in a way that is:

  • centred upon the dignity of every human being
  • treats mind, body and spirit holistically, and
  • provides equal access to healthcare based upon the basis of need.

Statements of values


We will be loyal to our vision and to our objectives.

In so doing, we will specifically welcome participation in our activities by persons of any denomination or none who share our fundamental principles.

Our fundamental principles shall be:

  • Equal access to equal quality health care for all persons with particular attention to the deprived and dispossessed.
  • Support for minorities and the dispossessed.
  • Respect for the dignity of the individual by treating and caring for them as they wish.
  • Support of the right of all to all information relevant to health without pre-conditions.
  • Independence in opinion and action, including but not confined to the fields of ethics and genetics.
  • Public and patient involvement in healthcare, thus supporting the voluntary principle of active citizenship in promoting the common good.
  • Evidence-based healthcare provision.
  • The promotion of excellence in education and research.
  • Engagement with our local community.


A Voluntary Foundation committed to supporting education, policy and research to advance and promote equitable health & healthcare in Ireland, with a particular focus on Tallaght University Hospital and the community it serve.”



  • equal access to quality healthcare for all.
  • Respect for the patient's dignity, and their right to self-determination over their healthcare.
  • Independent in opinion and action of the Foundation and Medical Practitioners, including but not confined to the fields of ethics and genetics.
  • Support public and patient involvement in health and well-being.
  • Support Tallaght University Hospital, as a voluntary hospital, and the community it serves.
  • Evidence-based healthcare provision.
  • The promotion of excellence in healthcare education and research.


  • 1839

    Adelaide Hospital, Founded by Dr. Albert Walsh, opens at 43 Bride Street, Dublin

  • 1858

    Adelaide Hospital re-opens at Peter Street, Dublin, in new, purpose-built Hospital

  • 1859

    Adelaide School of Nursing Founded

  • 1866

    Adelaide opens first skin clinic

  • 1868

    Adelaide opens first gynaecological unit

  • 1884

    Sir Kendal Franks introduces antiseptic surgery

  • 1904

    Bacterial control of milk pioneered

  • 1919

    Dr. Kathleen Lynn pioneers preventative medicine with children

  • 1920

    Adelaide granted Royal Charter

  • 1960

    Adelaide, which up to this date was entirely supported by voluntary funds, receives first annual State payments for Hospital Services

  • 1961

    Adelaide joins with other hospitals in Federation Dublin Voluntary Hospitals under new Act.

  • 1965

    Adelaide first hospital to open intensive-care unit.

  • 1977

    Adelaide approves in principle moving to Tallaght

  • 1980

    New operating theatres open in Peter Street

  • 1985

    New design approved for hospital at Tallaght

  • 1996

    Society establishes Nursing Development Fund
    Adelaide merges with the Meath Hospital (1753) and the National children’s Hospital (1821) under amended Adelaide Charter

  • 1998

    New Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin Incorporating The National Children’s Hospital opens at Tallaght.

  • 2000

    New University Clinical Sciences building opens with Society support

  • 2001

    Student Nurse Bursary Scheme launched

  • 2002

    Women’s Preventative Healthcare Unit launched

  • 2003

    New Initiatives Grants Scheme Established

  • 2004

    First Family Risk Assessment Clinic for breast services established

  • 2009

    Health Policy Initiative established in conjunction with Department of Public Health & Primary Care, Trinity College Dublin.
    150th Anniversary of the Adelaide School of Nursing

  • 2011

    Community Healthcare Initiative Scheme established

  • 2014

    Adelaide Health Foundation becomes the working name of the organisation

Board of Governors

  • President: Dr David Moore
  • Chair: Mrs Catherine Mac Daid
  • Hon Secretary: Ms Triona Murphy
  • Hon Treasurer: Ms Marie Louise Delahunty


  • The Archbishop of Armagh. Primate of All Ireland
  • Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
  • President of the Methodist Church in Ireland


  • Foundation Manager : Ms Niamh Gavin
  • Administrator: Esther Nyambura

Members of the Board

  • Mrs Catherine Mac Daid
  • Mr Peter Fitzpatrick
  • Mrs Rosemary French
  • Ms Marie Louise Delahunty
  • Dr Gerard O’Connor
  • Mr Rory Brownlee
  • Ms Lesley Williams
  • Dr David Moore
  • Ms Triona Murphy
  • Mr Hugh Sullivan
  • Mr Stephen Franck
  • Miss Yvonne Seville

Adelaide Health Foundation Annual general Meeting, Tallaght Hospital 25-05-2016 Iain White Copyright Iain White Photography 2016

President: Dr David Moore

Chairman: Ms Catherine Mac Daid

Hon Secretary: Ms Triona Murphy

Hon Treasurer: MarieLouise  Delahunty

Foundation manager: Ms Niamh Gavin

Administrator: Esther Nyambura