Health Research


To date, the Adelaide Health Foundation (AHF) have invested over €1m in funding for health services research which includes:
  • Assessment of funding options and barriers to Universal Healthcare (UHC) and an evaluation of general public opinions on the introduction of UHC in Ireland.
  • Clinician and patient stakeholder analysis of chronic disease management in Ireland.
  • A Health Asset and Need Assessment (HANA) of Tallaght.
  • Study and recommendation on how best to encourage patient and family involvement in the design and delivery of health services.


Our vision is to be a leading independent not-for-profit health foundation, which seeks to advance healthcare in Ireland by providing research and health policy analysis. The symbiotic mechanisms that we achieve with this vision are outlined in Figure 1.

Figure 1


  • To generate and promote the use of research evidence to inform health policy, management and services.
  • To evaluate key health policies which impact on the health and well being of the Irish population
  • To advocate for access to good quality healthcare based upon need and not ability to pay.

Themes and Topics

Our policy and research plan takes a population based approach to improving health outcomes by applying a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methodologies across a range of difference themes and topics, such as;

  • reform of the financing and resource allocation in the Irish health system
  • improvements in integrated care between community, primary and secondary care
  • promotion of better chronic disease management
  • tackling the determinants of health and health inequalities
  • mental health
  • public and patient involvement in care
  • evaluation of health services and interventions

We recognise that health policy must be underpinned by good quality evidence based research. All research findings have a publication strategy, which includes international peer-review submission and policy direction.