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Commemorative History of the Adelaide School of Nursing. The Adelaide School of Nursing 1859 - 2009 A Commemorative History by Gerard M Fealy

This book tells the story of the Adelaide School of Nursing and is based on detailed research in the archives of the Adelaide Hospital and on oral and written testimonies by former Adelaide nurses. Between its pages are glimpses into the lives of Adelaide nurses, including some famous Adelaide staff, over the past 150 years. Contains many wonderful photographs of Adelaide nurses past and present.

The Adelaide Hospital Dublin, 1839-2008, by Dr. Fergus O’Ferrall

Citizenship and Public Service. A Major New Book for the Irish Community and Voluntary Sector by Dr. Fergus O’Ferrall

Published by The Adelaide Hospital Society in association with Dundalgan Press
Dundalk, May 2000
321 pages
Dr. Mary Redmond states in her Foreword to the book:
"Dr. O'Ferrall has initiated a most important debate in his book ... on the relationship between the voluntary sector and the State ... a very valuable book for the whole voluntary sector (as well as for all involved in healthcare)"

Citizenship and Public Service

presents a convincing political argument for voluntary action in a democratic society based upon active citizenship.
provides a critical analysis of 'partnership' and 'service planning' as applied to the community and voluntary sector.
demonstrates what is required for positive active partnerships between the voluntary sector and the State
explores in detail the literature on governance and management in the voluntary sector and provides a practical 'usable' theory for Boards of community and voluntary organisations, which are resource dependent on the State, which will preserve and develop the key attributes of a voluntary organisation.
presents a unique case study of the operation of the first Board of the new Hospital at Tallaght, 1996-1999 and its controversial relationships with the State.
shows how 'active citizenship' will lead to a reform of the State's approach to the community and voluntary sector.
This is a richly referenced book, which will give the confidence necessary to the community and voluntary sector to challenge the 'dependent' relationships created by the State to date. While the detailed focus is on one 'spoke', that of healthcare, it has direct relevance to all the 'spokes' which make up the rich diversity of the voluntary sector in The Wheel.