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Adelaide Community Health Grants  [CHG]

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Under the Adelaide Community Health Grant (CHG) we aim to assist local community healthcare organisations which specifically provide a service or supports within the healthcare field.

The Adelaide Health Foundation exists to advance healthcare, seeking to ensure that healthcare is available to all based upon health needs and not on financial means. The Foundation believes in “Just Caring” which embraces both our ethic of care and our ethic of justice.

Under the Adelaide Health Foundation’s Community Health Grants [CHG]  we aim to assist local community healthcare organisations which specifically provide a service or supports within the healthcare field. Amounts up to €5,000 can be applied for.


  • The scheme is designed to provide support for not-for-profit and charitable organisations, located primarily within the Dublin 24 area and benefiting the Dublin 24 community.
  • Organisations who have been awarded funding by the Adelaide Health Foundation previously are welcome to apply.

The Scheme does not provide support for:

  • General appeals - assistance must be sought for clearly specified purposes
  • Requests from individuals
  • Repayment of debts
  • Tuition or student fees
  • Medical costs
  • Purchase of buildings or land
  • Construction projects
  • Completed projects
  • Employee Salaries
  • Flights or accommodation

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Adelaide Health Foundation

 New Initiatives Funding Scheme

Applications are now invited for the Adelaide Health Foundation’s [AHF] 2021 New Initiatives Scheme which provides seed funding for new developmental initiatives in Tallaght University Hospital. 

Total available €40K fund and amounts of up to of €10K can be applied for. 

 The scheme funds new patient focused initiatives which directly or indirectly improves services for TUH patients. It is open to all departments. 

The applicant must have secured advance approval from the Hospital’s Executive Management Team[EMT] for their project.

Applications will be assessed by the Support Sub-Group of the Foundation and will be subject to Foundation's Board approval. The following criteria will apply in assessing each application:

  1. Service development – how the initiative will improve services for patients directly or indirectly
  2. Evaluation – how the initiative will be evaluated in relation to quality, effectiveness and efficiency
  3. Cost benefit analysis – how the initiative’s present costs will lead to benefits in the future. The application should set out the costs of the project (must include VAT if applicable) and state what grant is being sought.
  4. Timeline - when the project would be expected to commence and timescale to completion.
  5. Report - Commitment to provide a report on the project to AHF. 

General queries can be directed to Esther by emailing

2021 Applications Closed 


AHF Healthcare Advancement Fund

In line with its strategic objectives, the Adelaide Health Foundation (AHF)  is committed to supporting education, policy and research to advance and promote equitable health & healthcare in Ireland, with a particular focus on Tallaght University Hospital and the community it serves. The Board of AHF has therefore set up the Healthcare Advancement Fund. 

This fund provides funding for competitive and innovative projects that will demonstrate investment in patient-oriented, population health, health policy and health services research.

* “the advancement of medicine, medical care and medical science and the practice thereof including the advancement of medical and nursing education”

A report will be expected by the Adelaide Health Foundation from all successful projects.

General queries can be directed to Esther by emailing